About us     

What we do:

Based in the beautiful countryside just outside the historic city of Chester I have turned a weekend  hobby into a  cottage industry making high quality Oak Tree Swings. All our Swings are made  from natural ,traceable and sustainable resources.

How we started: 

Well I must say that my inspiration for the swing came from my wife . We were lucky to have a magnificent Oak tree in the garden and with  a subtle suggestion of "I would love a tree swing " I was sent to the workshop with a sketch pad and coffee.

 tree swing design  I realized that getting the design of the swing right was very important as this would become a piece of garden furniture as well as a focal point.



Once I had decided on the design it was time to source the materials. It is very important to use natural and sustainable materials. I managed to source  the oak from a local woodlands estate that is managed in accordance with Forestry Commission guidelines creating a sustainable timber resource. The thick natural fiber rope is made from Manila hemp.

tree swing oak


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